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Best practices on enabling Audit log on MySQL, MariaDB and ProxySQL
By Sukan   |   August 13, 2020   |   Posted in : MySQL
Importance of audit log in MySQL, MariaDB and ProxySQL. Best practices to enable audit log

How to achieve HA in MariaDB spider
By Murali   |   August 13, 2020   |   Posted in : MySQL
High availability is a must for any serious deployment. This blog helps you to understand, how to setup a spider as HA.

Geospatial Database :: PostGIS Basics and Beyond
By Sujith   |   August 02, 2019   |   Posted in : PostgreSQL
PostGIS extension allows Postgres database to behave like a geospatial database. Let us learn about the data types and the functions associated with it in this blog.

High Availability for MySQL using Orchestrator and ProxySQL
By Sukan   |   August 02, 2019   |   Posted in : MySQL
Auto slave promotion without any DBAs intervention using Orchestrator and ProxySQL. If you are looking for a HA solution without going for synchronous replication or Aws RDS then Orchestrator with ProxySQL is a great choice.

How to achieve horizontal sharding using spider storage engine
By Murali   |   August 02, 2019   |   Posted in : MySQL
Managing Tables / DBs more than 500G / 1T will be hard for any DBAs. Spider storage engine makes life simpler using its sharding technique. This blog helps you understand, how the sharding is achieved using spider storage engine.

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