Firewall and VPN Consulting

Network security is the backbone of any network infrastructure as it protects the data from hacks and thefts. As the technology continues to grow at a faster pace the hackers and data thieves also advance in their technology. So it is always most important to keep the best network architectures and firewall configurations.

Our network engineers are Mafiree could provide you with best network security from small-scale firewall deployments to advance security architectures. Our certified professionals have extensive experience in solving every type of complex and difficult firewall related issues.

We have experience on almost all firewalls. Some of which are listed below

  •   SonicWall
  • Sophos
  • Watch Guard
  • Fortinet
  • Check point
  • Cisco
  • Baracuda

Services offered

  •   Designing Simple to complex firewall architectures
  •  Small scale to large scale firewall deployments
  •   Advanced security architectures with firewalls
  •   Configuring and managing single to multiple VPN tunnels
  •   Content filtering
  •   Failover/redundancy with Multiple ISP’s
  •   Firewall security auditing and hardening
  •   Firmware upgrades
  •   Writing complex ACL’s and rule sets.
  •   Traffic monitoring
  •   Vulnerability testing
  •   Penetration testing
  •   Virus Protection
  •   Configuring secure remote accesses between remote data centers.
  •   24x7 monitoring
  •   Routine firewall log analysis
  •   Migrate settings and policies from simple port based utilities like iptables to Next generation firewalls like SonicWall, Fortinet etc ..,

Who are we?

Our intense interest in MySQL has propelled us to start Mafiree. We strive to provide the best in support for the MySQL needs of our Customers and Partners.

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We can help you manage and optimize your database environments like MySQL, Postgres and MSSQL.

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Our Portfolio

Hands on experience in MySQL versions 3.x, 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, 5.6

Exposure in managing MySQL databases driving Platforms with database volumes ranging from 10GB to 5 TB. Tune and benchmark MySQL for better concurrency and performance pitted against Oracle.

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